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Small Business drives the American economy, especially here in Michigan, where small business employs over a third of Michigan's workforce. Rolling Waters Internet Services was founded specifically to provide online support for small business in Michigan, offering website design, website hosting, social media integration, and email marketing services.  We live here, we work here, and helping small business owners do the same is our mission.  Your business is your passion, and helping people engage with you online is ours.  The services we offer are crafted specifically for the small business owner.

Like the rapids above, the Internet and technology rush onward at a swirling pace.  As a small business owner, you have a passion that drives you; that's where you want to invest time.  So whether you're looking for someone to answer the occasional website question, or prefer to take a more guided approach, we're here to help you seamlessly integrate the online world with your small business.


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The Internet is a powerful medium, and we are passionate about what it can do for your business.  There's no replacement for talking with a real person, though, so give us a call about your small business technology needs.

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Rolling Waters Internet Services is a Michigan-based Internet Services company that helps small businesses connect and engage customers on the Internet.